PaddleOn Paradise
Everglades*Ten Thousand Islands*Mangrove Tunnels*

The abundance of wildlife and rare species of plants makes Southwest Florida one of the best kayaking places in the world. There is so much water that you can paddle for months and still not see the same area twice. If you are an avid paddler, birder, photographer, fisherman, explorer or just want to do something different and exciting, look no more. PaddleOn Paradise and Everglades Area Tours can put you where you want to be.

Come and meet our friends while paddling your comfortable kayak on the best guided ecological discovery tours in the Florida Everglades. Your Coastal Master Naturalist will wow you with an exciting informational guided kayak expedition. Learn the history and tales of the native Calusa Indians,  Seminoles, Miccosukee, pirates and outlaws. Get up close and personal with the many critters that swim, fly and slosh through the vast mangrove and cypress swamps of Southwest Florida.

There's plenty of gators for everyone in the mangrove tunnels and cypress swamps.

Daily                        8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Sunset                   Approximately 1.5 hours before sunset
Full Moon          Call for Scheduling
Photography   Approximately 6:00 a.m. and p.m.
There's nothing more majestic than paddling your kayak around a bend to witness hundreds of roosting  juvenile and adult ibis just before sunset on a cool spring or fall evening. The lush mangroves are full of surprises when you're in a kayak on a guided eco tour with a Coastal Master Naturalist. Be sure and book your first experience with PaddleOn Paradise. We put you right where you want to be.
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